Our submission on Rotorua-Lakes proposed changes to visitor accommodation

In Proposed Plan Change 6 Rotorua-Lakes District Council are placing limited restrictions to control overcrowding and parking issues in Rotorua.

Bookabach is understanding of the proposed changes

While Bookabach is generally wary of changes impacting on the Short-Term Rental industry, in this case we understand the Council’s intent and agree with the proposed changes. These changes will introduce some additional controls around rentals in residential, suburban Rotorua.

This restriction provides an additional tool for Council to address the small number of problems with overcrowded properties in residential areas. The very limited number of very large properties that can comfortably accommodate more than 12 people will have the option of applying for Resource Consent (as a Discretionary Activity) in order to do this.

The changes will preserve most group and family holidays

Bookabach is pleased that in choosing the limit of 12 people Council have acknowledged the unique value of short-term rental for family and group travel. This means two families, extended families and groups can continue to holiday together in the same location.

Different rules for different neighbourhoods

We applaud the Council in taking a measured and zoned approach, with the changes applying in suburban residential zones but not in the Lakes A zone (around Lake Tarawera and Lake Okareka).

Bookabach is supportive of this approach, which acknowledges the nuanced nature of the short-term holiday rental supply, treating short-term rentals in residential neighbourhoods differently from areas with high numbers of holiday homes.



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