It’s time to say good-bye to Performance Plan

In May we’ll be saying good-bye to Performance Plan, an obsolete listing product we haven’t offered to new customers for over two years. This article explains why we’re doing this, and what your options are if you have a listing on this plan.

Performance Plan was first launched back in 2008.  It allowed us to solve a unique problem at that time: We needed a commission-based product that would work without knowing what the traveller was actually charged. Why?  Because at that time, believe it or not, we had no quotation and payment capability.  We had no way of knowing what a traveller was being charged for a stay, so we could not charge a pure percentage commission.

Performance Plan solved the problem by allowing the commission to be set as a nominated per-night success fee - immaterial of what the traveller was charged for the stay.  Owners/managers could elevate their success fee bid to gain a higher position in the search results.  The thinking was that high-end properties would start to pay higher per night success fees than budget properties, and the net result would be something that resembled a percentage of the booking value. 

Roll the clock forward to 2017 and we now have real-time quotations, online payments and online bookings.  In nearly all cases we know what the traveller has been quoted and charged. Most rental payments now pass through Bookabach Payments.  As a result, we now offer a pure commission product in our Pay Per Booking plan.

As we look at future versions of the Bookabach platform it becomes critical that we let go of some obsolete features that are no longer required.  It makes no sense to support Performance Plan when we have an alternative, and far superior, commission-based product in Pay Per Booking. 

So, what are your options?

If you have a Performance Plan listing we’ll be asking you to change plan before the 8th of May.  On that date Performance Plan will cease to exist and any listings on this plan will automatically go offline.

We recommend that you move to our commission-based Pay Per Booking plan.  It’s closest to what you have in Performance Plan.  Pay Per Booking costs only 3% if you use Bookabach Online Payments*.  Bookings paid for using Bookabach Payments are automatically covered by our Property Damage Protection insurance and travellers are protected with our Book with Confidence Guarantee.

Online booking with Bookabach Payments will soon become the standard way travellers make their booking on Bookabach.  We are committed to making the site 100% online bookable this year. Eventually, all listings will need to be online bookable to appear on Bookabach or any websites on the HomeAway network.

Upgrade to Pay Per Booking

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Help: Is my listing online bookable?  How do I tell?

*9% commission on bookings transacted outside of Bookabach Payments.

Questions and answers

Why is Bookabach making this change?
We are announcing end-of-life of Performance Plan as we know it won’t have support on new generations of the platform

What happens if I don’t choose a new plan?
Performance Plan will cease to exist from Monday 8th of May.  On this day we will expire all Performance Plan product purchases and associated listings will go offline.  If you upgrade to one of our currently offered plans before that date then your listing will remain online - published on the Bookabach website.

When I change plan will I lose any information?
No.  A plan change involves choosing a new listing product.  This does not impact any other information.  Your listing content, feedback/reviews and bookings are all completely safe.

When I change plan what happens to my future bookings?
Changing plans does not impact your future bookings.  All bookings received while you were on Performance Plan will incur Performance Plan success fee charges.  You must pay these commissions, even if your listing goes offline.

Why the move to 100% online bookable?
Today’s travellers expect an online bookable experience on accommodation websites.  This is why online bookable listings perform better.  Also, future generations of our platform will require listings to be online bookable to remain listed.

If your question hasn’t been answered then let us know.  Call Customer Service on 0800 24 44 48 or submit a support request.



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